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“Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye” Crack the Spine- January 2018

“When My Mother Held the Sears Door Open for Me”  Lunch Ticket- December 2017

“Interrupting Means I Love You, Stupid!” Together Magazine– September 2017

“How to Tell Without Words”  Full Grown People– May 2017

“In His Pockets” The Grief Diaries- March 2017

“She* and He*” KneeJerk- February 2017

“I Am A Genius Writer In The Night Hours As Proven By These 3 AM Ruminations Gifted By The Muse And Recorded On My Notes App” Brevity nonfiction blog- February 2017

“Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me”  Change Seven– January 2017

“Song of her Self” Hippocampus– December 2016

“The Child I Will Never Have” September 2016

“The Fall of Woman Made Me Do It” The Nervous Breakdown– August 2016

“An Imaginary Feast” Literary Orphans- August 2016

“12 Things To Do If You Want To Be Jo March” The Establishment– July 2016

“The Family Gumbo” The Bitter Southerner- June 2016

“The Texture of Generations” Mamalode– May 2016

“Behind the Clickbait” Full Grown People– February 2016

  • (Finalist in the 2016 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction and Essay Contest)

“Blackberries and Gasoline” Mulberry Fork Review-January 2016

“In Which I Search the Earth for the Sweetest Thing and Find It in a Pool” Tahoma Literary Review– December 2015

“The Texture of Generations” Eunoia Review- September 2015

“Blackberries and Gasoline” (an earlier form of this essay) Earthen Lamp Journal– August 2015


“Green House, on Bayou Lafourche” Stonecoast Review – Summer 2018

“Morning After” Whale Road Review – Summer 2018

“Souvenirs of Poland” Rust + Moth- Spring 2018

“Permanently Reserved Space”  Literary Mama – December 2016


“This Is What It’s Like To Be A 34-Year-Old Freshman” Girlboss– April 2017

“How To Make The Perfect Irish Tricolour Shot” Paste- March 2017

“5 Boozy Irish Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day”  Paste– March 2017

“8 Things You Can Buy At Nordstrom Right Now To Stand Against Bullying” Ravishly- February 2017

“Beer Cupcakes: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift” Paste- January 2017

“Neck Tape: Because Women Aren’t Uncomfortable Enough Yet” Ravishly- January 2017

“Debate Club: How Many Baby Showers Is Too Many?” Parent Co- January 2017 (with Michelle Downing)

“Bidding a Fond Farewell to VCRs” Parent Co- December 2016

“6 Ways to Keep Kids Quiet While You’re on the Phone” Mommy Nearest- December 2016

“Why I Regret Letting My Kid Wear an ‘Indian’ Costume for Halloween” Parents- October 2016

“Back-to-School Shopping: Expectations vs. Reality” Parents– August 2016

“Absolutely True Excuses Why We Are Late or Aren’t Showing Up at All” Parent Co– August 2016

“Yes, My Kid Kicked Yours in the Face; I Won’t Make Her Apologize” Parent Co– July 2016

“Stop Worrying About That: A Smart Mom’s Guide to Helpful Mediocrity”  Parent Co– June 2016

“Birthday Eves : The Magic (and Sadness) of Growing Up” Parent Co– June 2016

“How Subscribing to a Meal Delivery Service Saved My Sanity”  Parent Co– June 2016

“Learn French When You Are Already Old And Only Speak English” Club Mid at Scary Mommy September 2015

Book Reviews:

LITTLE SISTER: a Novel by Barbara Gowdy Washington Independent Review of Books – July 2017

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