My Work


“Ungrown” The Sun Magazine – September 2021

“The Night I Could Have Met the Real Matt Damon” Hobart- September 2019

“Impositions” and “Wintry Mix” Sou’wester – 2019 issue

“Garage Sale” Lindenwood Review – 2019 issue

  • (Honorable Mention, Flash Nonfiction Contest)

“Glee Guy” Emrys Journal -February 2019

“Genocide Must be Covered Before Dinner” The Coachella Review – December 2018

“Eighteen, Both of Us”  River Teeth’s “Beautiful Things” – November 2018

“Turquoise and Tiger’s Eye” Crack the Spine- January 2018

“When My Mother Held the Sears Door Open for Me”  Lunch Ticket- December 2017

“Interrupting Means I Love You, Stupid!” Together Magazine– September 2017

“How to Tell Without Words”  Full Grown People– May 2017

“In His Pockets” The Grief Diaries- March 2017

“She* and He*” KneeJerk- February 2017

“I Am A Genius Writer In The Night Hours As Proven By These 3 AM Ruminations Gifted By The Muse And Recorded On My Notes App” Brevity nonfiction blog- February 2017

“Next Time Won’t You Sing With Me”  Change Seven– January 2017

“Song of her Self” Hippocampus– December 2016

“The Child I Will Never Have” September 2016

“The Fall of Woman Made Me Do It” The Nervous Breakdown– August 2016

“An Imaginary Feast” Literary Orphans- August 2016

“12 Things To Do If You Want To Be Jo March” The Establishment– July 2016

“The Family Gumbo” The Bitter Southerner- June 2016

“The Texture of Generations” Mamalode– May 2016

“Behind the Clickbait” Full Grown People– February 2016

  • (Finalist in the 2016 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Fiction and Essay Contest)

“Blackberries and Gasoline” Mulberry Fork Review-January 2016

“In Which I Search the Earth for the Sweetest Thing and Find It in a Pool” Tahoma Literary Review– December 2015

“The Texture of Generations” Eunoia Review- September 2015

“Blackberries and Gasoline” (an earlier form of this essay) Earthen Lamp Journal– August 2015


“Green House, on Bayou Lafourche” Stonecoast Review – Summer 2018

“Morning After” Whale Road Review – Summer 2018

  • (nominated and selected for the 2019 volume of The Orison Anthology)

“Souvenirs of Poland” Rust + Moth- Spring 2018

“Permanently Reserved Space”  Literary Mama – December 2016

Book Reviews:

LITTLE SISTER: a Novel by Barbara Gowdy Washington Independent Review of Books – July 2017


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