Bad Blogger

Gah, I’m such a bad blogger. I just don’t like doing it, I guess. I mainly keep this page as a place to put all my work in one place. It’s bothering me to see the same post for months, though, so I’ll do a quick update on what’s going on here.

I applied for two MFA programs (genre: nonfiction), a low-residency and a full-residency. I was accepted to the low residency, and I’m number one on the waitlist at the other.  So I will be going to grad school in the fall, but whether it will be a traditional experience or a mostly at home mentorship is kind of up in the air. And I honestly don’t know which I’d prefer, and I’ll be agonizing over the decision if I get off the waitlist, so I’m preparing for mental anguish!

Today I’m taking my seven year old and two of his classmates on a field trip to the Franz bakery, so that’s fun since I’m on a Keto diet and can’t eat anything there. 😉

I think that’s enough; all I can handle, anyway.

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