Heigh ho, heigh ho

I’ve been really busy lately (with writing of course, not anything needing to be done like cleaning out the closet or fridge). In May I took an online flash CNF workshop with Kathy Fish and WordTango that I really enjoyed. It was just for a weekend but I met some wonderful writers and got great feedback from them and Kathy Fish. I ended up with something I love. I can’t wait to submit it, but I also purchased a private critique by Kathy so I’m waiting for that to come back. It’s good, because I’m forced to wait and revise instead of getting all excited and sending it off right away (as is my wont).

I have enough submissions out right now anyway–33! This is with contests included, and simultaneous submissions. It’s honestly making me anxious to have so many out. I long to get answers back, even if they’re rejections. I’m not sure how many other people usually have out at once. Maybe this isn’t even a large amount, but it’s the most I’ve ever had out at once.

Next week I’ll start another online workshop, with Chelsey Clammer. I really admire her work (especially her essay “Mother Tongue”) so I’m looking forward to it. This one is 4 weeks long, through WOW! Women on Writing, which is a new site to me. It looks like they have some good class offerings.

Onward and happy writing to all!

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2 Responses to Heigh ho, heigh ho

  1. Gail says:

    So proud of u…your Dad would be..he always said Sarah will be a author,she needs to write a book😔💕

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