Summertime and the living is easy

I’ve been busy writing as much as I can during these golden weeks when I’m out of school and my kids are not. I did this last summer and spent most of the school year revising and submitting the things I’d written. I’m trying to get a huge stockpile of work to do the same, because in the fall I’ll be pretty busy working on my capstone project for school (linked essays), along with taking my final 15 credit hours.

I have a couple of updates. Yesterday I got an email that my upcoming piece, “This Same Place,” had been a finalist for the Eastern Iowa Review’s Experimental Essay Award. This is the first contest I’ve been a finalist for, and it was a huge surprise and a great honor. I have had a great experience working with the editor, Chila Woychik, and I recommend this classy journal.

I also had a flash essay accepted this week to a planned book– a collection of flash nonfiction humor. It’s in the gathering  material/lining up a publisher stages so it won’t be out for quite a while, but it’ll be an actual printed book (like for sale on Amazon!) so I’m ecstatic.

Lastly, “The Texture of Generations” was reprinted today in Mamalode’s food section, Mamanomnom.

I wish us all a simultaneously productive and relaxing summer!

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