Thoughts on Structure

Winter break from school 2015-2016.

My children were supposed to be back at school yesterday, but ice on the road demanded school be cancelled yesterday and today.

Reader, I need this ice to melt.

My children are sleeping in later and later daily. I allow it because then fighting will begin later. This means they can’t go to sleep on time at night, though, so it’s a cycle of ruin. They need structure and I am apparently incapable of providing enough of it.

I need to be able to hear my own thoughts for a moment instead of “Mooooom he BIT ME!” “She is a stupid brat and why couldn’t I be the ONLY CHILD??”

Today is my sister’s last day visiting from Louisiana and instead of visiting Chennai Masala (the excellent Indian buffet we love), and schlepping around Portland, we will be watching Hulu and complaining to each other. Just like the last three days. Because the ice is too dangerous to venture out on, even for Indian food.

Sun! I call upon you to melt this enemy!




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